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Prospective Trips

Ghana & Nigeria

Travelling to both of these destinations presents opportunities to conceptualise the similarities and differences between the two nations, as well as West Africa as a whole


One of Africa’s premier tourist destinations and the East African economic and transportation hub. Local Hilltop presence

Nairobi and Addis Ababa

These two cities share a lot of cultural similarities that make a combined trip quite compelling.

Uganda and Kenya

The two bordering countries of Uganda and Kenya hold some of Africa’s most vibrant wildlife, natural reserves and scenic landscapes due to their mountainous nature.

Kenya and Tanzania

A combined trip would provide the chance to see the famous mountains in the region, notably Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain.

Namibia and South Africa

A trip to South Africa and Namibia explores the beauty of Southern Africa, its extensive wildlife, history and diverse culture.


Morocco is a mountainous North African country with a large migrant population, promoting cultural and linguistic diversity.

Prospective Trips

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