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Organizations across Africa are seeking international talent to bridge the skill gap within the continent, redefine African business, while gaining a culturally immersive experience in Ghana.

Hilltop is collaborating with multi-industry companies, including start-ups, seeking international students to shadow industry professionals and gain fundamental work experience. The 5-week program will allow students to immerse both in an industry specific corporate environment, gaining useful skills and experiencing Ghanaian culture simultaneously. These companies benefit from interns’ aid and expertise, to bridge the skill gap.

Our mission and aim

At Hilltop Global Group, our mission is shaping the African narrative through experiential learning.

The Hilltop internship program is designed as a transformative experience to help students gain international work experience while travelling to a new country. To re-shape the African narrative, the internship program aims to educate, enhance, and inspire students.


Hilltop internships foster the education of a wider set of students globally, immersing in the growing African business climate.


We believe in the development of your professional skill set beyond the classroom. Enhance your expertise and professional capabilities.


Hilltop is dedicated to inspiring future generations and expanding your horizons and aspirations.


Applications for our summer 2024 internship program are OPEN NOW. We review applications on a rolling basis but please ensure you apply in enough time to any necessary secure funding. 
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LOCATION: Accra, Ghana
Hilltop 2024 Internship Program Dates:
June 17th – July 21st 2024

1 week Combined Virtual pre-departure and post departure  reflection
Pre-departure orientation: June 17th- June 19th , 2024

Post departure  reflection: July 23rd- July 24th, 2024

In-country 4-week internship: 
June 22nd- July 21st, 2024
Credits: TBD*
Cost: $4550*
Applications open: August 28th, 2023
Applications close: March, 25th 2024

*Please note that costs for flights and credits are excluded. Please refer to our FAQs section for information about gaining credits.

*Credits gained on your Hilltop internship program will depend on your chosen credit gaining route.

Check our FAQs section for more information on the avenues for gaining credit.

Program Overview

These 5 weeklong internship programs, a collaboration between Hilltop Global Group and local Ghanaian companies is an opportunity for undergraduate students and postgraduate students from various academic backgrounds to immerse themselves in study abroad work experience in Accra, Ghana. In a series of industry focused internships, the companies will provide students of multi-disciplinary backgrounds with work experience in a dynamic learning environment and a fascinating cultural paradigm. This program seeks to merge both the academic and career aspirations of young people interested in development and the cultural landscape of Ghana which underpins the country’s growth. Students will have the opportunity to select their preferred organization according to their academics and future career aspirations.

June 17th-June 19th: Virtual pre-departure orientation

Your first week will be a virtual orientation with both the Hilltop team and your sponsor company. You will be introduced to your supervisor and go through introductory sessions for your project. This week is intended to ease you into the internship program and allows time for any initial questions ahead of your departure.

June 22nd- July 21st: In-country Internship (4 weeks)

The bulk of your internship will be spent in Ghana, working at your sponsor company Monday through Friday. You will complete 40 hours* of work per week and weekends will be spent experiencing cultural excursions in Ghana. *To gain credit through Hilltop’s school of record, you must complete a total of 160 hours interning in your sponsor company.

July 23rd-July 24th: Virtual post-trip reflections

After your in-country experience, the final week of your internship will be virtual on reflections and assessments of your internship experience. Both Hilltop and your sponsor company will assist to close off your experience and ensure you have achieved all your personal objectives.

Benefits of Interning Abroad

1. Develop expertise in your area of study, working on exciting real-life projects

2. Expand your network with inspiring professionals

3. Discover a new country, a new culture and broaden your intercultural experience

4. Gain program credit while working abroad

5. Diversify your resumé and become a stand-out candidate

6. Enhance your interpersonal skills and confidence


Hilltop has partnered with companies from several industries, including but not limited to: Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Communications, IT & Tech, Medical, Real Estate, FCMG, Real Estate and more. At Hilltop, we curate bespoke experiences and can cater to all fields.

The Hilltop Internship Program is open to both undergraduates and graduates from any field of study. Once you apply, we will review your pre-requisites and allocate a sponsor company best suited to your program of study/ career aspirations.

The Hilltop Internship program is an unpaid internship. However, there are numerous benefits to interning abroad. Interns have the opportunity to develop their core skills in their chosen industry and engage with professionals on important real life projects. In addition, interns have the opportunity to immerse in a new culture, make new networks and connections and get a taste of Ghana’s heritage.

There are multiple avenues you can gain credits for your Hilltop international internship program:
Home Institution Credit

Many US institutions offer home credits for students participating in international internship programs. Speak with your faculty leader, academic advisor, study abroad office, or career center to learn about your institution’s requirements, process, financial aid, and scholarships. Hilltop will provide guidance, liaise with your home institution, and can customize your internship to meet your institution’s requirements for credit bearing international internships. All documentation can be processed through Hilltop to ensure these requirements are met.

Internship Transfer Credit

Participants who cannot gain credit through their home institution may gain credit through our school of record.  You must complete at least 40 hours per week (a total of 160 hours) at your sponsor company and you will earn credits upon successful completion of your Hilltop internship program. The number of credits gained will depend on your course, year of study and other determining factors.

Hilltop will work closely with you and your sponsor company to ensure that your internship meets the requirements of the University.

Please note: The cost to turn your internship into a credit-bearing program is an additional cost excluded from your internship program fee.

Contact us below for any questions regarding earning credits. 

We understand that the demand for international internships is high, but many students are deterred by the cost. Hilltop is committed to providing opportunity for students from all backgrounds and thus there are several ways you can fund your Hilltop internship:

Home Institution:

  • Your first stop should be to speak to your home institution international programs officer to enquire about options to fund through the institution. Many institutions offer scholarships and financial aid for international abroad programs, and you may be eligible.

Government Funded Scholarships:

  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship: This scholarship is available for U.S. Citizens, who are recipients of a Federal Pell Grant.
  • National Security Education Program / David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships: This scholarship is available to U.S. Citizens, in exchange to their commitment to work for the public service.

Other funding options:

Your safety and security are our priority during your internship. Hilltop has partnered with top hotels in Accra, Ghana to ensure your safety through the duration of your internship- you will have access to hotel security and Hilltop staff 24/7.

As part of our mission to ‘reshape the African narrative’, our internships are designed to not only give you international work experience but a well-rounded cultural experience. Weekends in Accra will be spent on cultural excursions, exploring Ghana’s history, culture, food, and people. Students also have the opportunity to volunteer in local communities. Some excursions include:

  • Accra City Tour- explore Ghana’s capital, visiting tourist attractions such as Black Star Square, W.E.B Du Bois Center, the National Museum and more.
  • Cape Coast- learn about Ghana’s rich history, visit the slave castles, and immerse in the histories that make Ghana what it is today.
  • Ghanaian language and dance classes: enhance your intercultural experience by partaking in these fun and engaging cultural sessions.
  • Visit the Volta region: excursions to the Volta region exhibit Ghana’s eco-diversity and local wildlife in the Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary, hike to Mount Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana with elevations of 885 metres (2904 feet), and visit the largest man-made lake in the world, Volta Lake.
  • And many more exciting experiences…

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