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Experiential Learning

Focused in Africa.

We are an education consulting & destination management company partnering with US & other international Universities and students to deliver unique experiential learning and study abroad programs across key destinations in Africa. Hilltop was founded and is managed by diaspora Africans who are passionate about shaping the narrative about the continent. We are headquartered in Washington DC with a presence in Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya, and an extensive personal & professional network across the African continent.

Our founders are Alumni of the Executive MBA Program at Georgetown University and utilize their first-hand experiences and strong expertise to curate and deliver standard or customized program services.

Our services extend well beyond logistics to cross-industry consulting project sourcing & design, including key growth industries, curating unique cultural & humanitarian experiences, service project initiatives and much more.

Hilltop is a member of the Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) and Hilltop’s founders are founding members of the Washington Institute for Business Government and Society

Benefit to Students


Expose students to challenging business problems in Africa


Challenge students’ assumptions about the African continent


Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills in a unique global setting

Benefit to Universities


Expand program footprint in Africa


Improve global ranking for cultural immersion and awareness


Apply critical thinking and problem solvng skills in a unique global setting

Benefit to Companies


Co-develop and create strategic business relavant projects for students to consult on


Showcase organization culture and work progress during corporate visits


Enhance your global corporate exposure


Contact us to submit your request for study abroad


Get free consultation to customize and expand your program footprint in Africa


Plan and execute a custom curated study abroad program managed turnkey by Hilltop

Hilltop’s African Business Residency

  • Challenging business projects and exposure to business operations
  • Exposure to African history and culture
  • Social/humanitarian experiences
  • Opportunities to explore leisure/tourist destinations

Experiential Learning focused in Africa – Custom in-person and virtual programs

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    As in-person study abroad engagements resume slowly, we will provide information on current and changing requirements so please check our Travel Safety Guidelines page for up-to-date information. Location specific details will be provided as part of custom departure kits for confirmed trips.”

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