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Travel Safely

Travel Safety Guidelines

Hilltop Global Group is committed to ensuring that our study abroad programs remain safe and secure as international travel resumes with the easing of global Covid-19 restrictions. Country-specific departure kits are provided for each trip however some general guidelines are presented below. Please adhere to these Covid-19 guidelines when studying abroad to ensure the safety of students, hosts, service providers, and local communities in your chosen destination.

COVID guidelines and regulations

– Hilltop will provide destination-specific and carrier COVID guidelines
– Receive a negative PCR test prior to departure
– Provide proof of vaccination cards
– Follow masking guidelines in destination
– After traveling, wait three days and get re-tested for COVID-19
– Recommend wearing a mask over your nose and mouth always
– Follow social distancing guidelines at the respective location
– Maintain access to sanitary supplies and wash your hands often
– Self-monitor any COVID-19 symptoms

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General safety guidelines

– Always remain alert and maintain situational awareness
– Travel in groups is recommended – Always have at least two people together
– Avoid excessive display of wealth
– Avoid carrying/displaying large amounts of cash
– Keep valuables hidden and locked away in a safe place (hotel safe)
– Be aware of the international country code for your chosen destination
– Uber is a safe and recommended way to get around in most locations – Recommend using that wherever possible.
– Maintain a fully charged phone and always have a charger handy
– Adaptors will be necessary for most destinations – Plan to have the correct one with the right voltage for your location
– Make sure you have your group leader’s contact details saved in your phone

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