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Ghana to the World

Ghana to the World

In collaboration with the University of Ghana, Hilltop Global Group presents ‘Ghana to the World’ (GTW). The 4 week summer school embodies a multifaceted experience, seamlessly integrating education, exploration, and social impact into a transformative four-week journey.

Taking place in June 2024, this immersive program extends participants the opportunity to pursue academic credits, embark on captivating tours through Ghana’s diverse regions, and champion social change by engaging in volunteer work within underprivileged communities.
GTW isn’t merely an educational endeavor; it’s an adventure infused with cultural immersion. Against the backdrop of the picturesque University of Ghana campus, participants are invited to partake in a rich tapestry of interactive lectures. These engaging sessions delve deep into Africa-centered subjects, fostering vibrant discussions and offering fresh perspectives on the continent’s narrative, as told through the lens of Ghana.

Beyond the classroom, GTW promises an array of unforgettable cultural experiences, all set against the lush, green landscapes of the University of Ghana. It is a platform that not only nurtures intellectual curiosity but also enriches your understanding of the world, fostering connections that extend far beyond the program’s duration. GTW, in essence, offers a unique opportunity for intellectual exploration, cultural enrichment, and the cultivation of a new professional network.

GTW transcends the conventional summer school experience, weaving together education, exploration, and social impact into a transformative tapestry that fosters intellectual growth, cultural immersion, and the creation of lifelong connections.

* Updated Dates: June 1st- June 30th, 2024

Applications open now!

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