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Hilltop partners with Universities to expand their international program footprint in Africa by facilitating unique and transformational turnkey experiences for their travel abroad programs. Services include accommodation, comprehensive in-country logistics, curated tours, business visits, student consulting project sourcing and design and more. Hilltop has validated that in a very organic way, these experiences in Africa enrich the business school experience for the students. In addition to the cultural and other experiences, they gain practical knowledge working on cross-industry projects that have a significant local impact.

Objective of African Business Residency

  • Expose students to challenging business problems in Africa
  • Challenge students’ assumptions about the African continent
  • Develop awareness about the business climate in Africa
  • Promote cultural appreciation and exchange
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a unique global setting
  • Foster international collaboration with teams in Africa

Each Study Abroad Program includes

  • Challenging business projects and exposure to business operations
  • Exposure to African history and culture
  • Social/humanitarian experiences
  • Opportunities to explore leisure/tourist destinations
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