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Virtual Engagements

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we understood that travel restrictions put all in-person cultural immersion experiences on pause. Thus, Hilltop Global Group shifted from in-person engagements to virtual platforms to provide impactful experiences for our customers. Our virtual programs focus on the history, culture, business and economic dimensions in the featured locations. Although international travel has resumed, we are committed to providing full service engagements, accessible to all.

In 2020, Hilltop provided virtual services for Imperial College London, Business School and the University at Buffalo.

If you are interested in an enlightening cultural experience and gaining a vast knowledge of African culture, this is your opportunity. Hilltop Global Group has the competency to curate custom content tailored to your study topic of interest. You will also have the opportunity to develop long-standing relationships with our partners in key sectors. Student participants get to engage in open dialogue with key industry experts during these virtual sessions.

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