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Uganda and Kenya


Kenya is an East African country coasting the Indian Ocean. Known for its scenic landscapes, its extensive wildlife and famous landmarks, Kenya is one of the largest and most populous countries in East Africa. Kenya has one of the world’s most impressive array of wildlife destinations, and its parks and reserves hold some of the world’s rarest wildlife.

Kenya is also well-known as a major tech hub in West Africa. Over the last decade, Kenya has been nicknamed the ‘Silicon Savannah’, for its major tech innovation and contributes significantly to the country’s GDP per capita.


Uganda, an East- Central African country, is famously known for Lake Victoria running through it. About the size of Great Britain, the country is populated by many diverse ethnic groups. Many of this population also speaks Swahili which trans-nationally connects them with their East African neighbours.

Uganda and Kenya combined trip

The two bordering countries of Uganda and Kenya hold some of Africa’s most vibrant wildlife, natural reserves and scenic landscapes due to their mountainous nature. A combined tour of these East African countries provides an exhilarating experience full of sights of sightly flora and fauna.