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First-Rate Experience! Incredible Benefit to my Company

In the first quarter of 2019, Ghana Cyber City became the first repeat client of the Georgetown Global Business Experience (GBE) Program, led by Professor Michael McDermott and facilitated by Hilltop Global Group. The 5 MBA students assigned to my company shared groundbreaking ideas towards restructuring and repackaging Ghana Cyber City to maximize its marketability to future investors and anchor firms. Notably, the GBE team stepped outside the scope of their assignment to pitch the project to a New York-based strategic consulting firm and a Silicon Valley software as a service (SaaS) company that runs a successful incubator in Africa. Thank you for an incredible and intellectually stimulating engagement that is sure to shape the trajectory of our firm.

Yaw O

Eye opening experience

It was an amazing journey, experience, and true eye opener. Hilltop Global provided us a tailored experience that showcased the diverse culture and business environment in Ghana. During the trip, we were able to meet with our Ghanaian clients seamlessly and had an amazing encounter experiencing the local culture.

Irene O

Thank You Hilltop for the Experience

Hilltop provided me with an in-depth experience of business and culture in Ghana. As someone from another west African country – Nigeria, I visited Ghana a few times before but only got a superficial understanding of the Ghanaian culture. With the global business experience, it was a complete immersion into the Ghanaian culture. Thanks to Hilltop, Now I understand how and why Ghana leads the pack in the percentage of women that are entrepreneurs. Women in Ghana are more likely to be entrepreneurs than women in any other country in the world. That is a fact!

Olatunji F

Hilltop Global – Perfect partner for an authentic experience in Ghana!

The Global Business Experience course is the Capstone project and highlight of our two-year MBA Program, and Hilltop Global ensured that our experience much exceeded our expectations from the projects in Ghana.
Hilltop served as a true business partner for us by providing information, guidance and continuous support before, during and even after our journey to Ghana to meet our clients and experience Ghanaian culture and hospitality. I was pleasantly surprised by the planning of our comprehensive itinerary and seamless experience in Ghana made possible by the team of Hilltop Global.
Every day of our journey was carefully planned to balance comfort in a new country with authentic exposure to the local culture, people and businesses. For instance, we had a wonderful time visiting local chiefs and getting an opportunity to interact with them and learn about their traditional customs. Few of the many highlights of the journey included visits to Kakum National Park and the Osu Castle where our guide impressed us with his extensive knowledge about the history of the castle. What was really impressive was the team’s attention to detail about every aspect of our journey – this ensured that we had a comprehensive and authentic experience during our limited time, and a much enjoyable journey throughout. My team and I came away with many fond memories – thank you, Hilltop Global!

Summi S

True Immersion

An incredible experience that will be remembered always. Hilltop Global Group set an itinerary that covered the key highlights of Accra, but more importantly, provided for us an immersion that was above and beyond anything we’ve experienced before.

Greg M

Excellent Insights with Practical Observations

This was a truly profound experience with Hilltop Global, the Georgetown Team, and all related protocols in facilitating and coming up with a more diverse way to build on top of our existing strategies with regards to our core business as a start up company. We were impressed with the step by step scrutinization of all corridors of the business with a priceless solution provided as an add on. This alone is a big motivation and perfect example of how we can improve, drive and change the livestock poultry industry in Ghana and beyond with innovations that create meaningful and measurable impact with cutting edge technologies for collaboration and acceleration.
A big thank you for such competent service provided. Like said in our local dialect in Ghana “ y3 da woase, mo ne yo ” meaning “once again thank you”.


Highlight of the MBA Program

Georgetown’s Global Business Experience in Accra, Ghana was the highlight of my MBA program and was made possible by Hilltop Global Group. Hilltop’s curated speakers, cultural immersion activities, and expert client facilitation truly made my time in Ghana unforgettable.

Benjamin L

Eye opening visit

Hilltop provided us with an unparalleled experience into Ghanaian culture and corporate life. The Hilltop team arranged a broad range of activities in which we gained a strong understanding of the country’s historical, political, & business landscape. The accommodation was also top notch!

Nadim K

A Unique Insight into the Ghanaian Way of Life

Hilltop provided us with an itinerary that perfectly combined cultural, social, economic and political aspects of Ghana. The experience was eye opening and immensely useful for our development as future global players.

Thank you Hilltop Global Group!

Philipp B

Holistic and Seamsless experience

Hilltop was instrumental in making our recent group trip to Ghana a true success. From the onset, all the required information, itinerary, contact info and detailed schedule was organized in the dedicated event App. Hilltop’s management was able to provide us access to senior stakeholders in all the projects we were working on, including C suite executives in key sectors (energy, infrastructure, agribusiness). Also, I believe that our experience was fruitful because the site visits and project excursions were led by a network of specialists provided by Hilltop. A+ service!!!

Karl D

A Fun and Informative Visit to Ghana

Hilltop arranged a thoughtful itinerary for our group that balanced educational visits, networking, and opportunities to learn about Ghana’s history. The accommodations were great and Hilltop arranged the trip logistics seamlessly. I recommend Hilltop to any organization looking to learn about the context for doing business in Ghana.

Katie A

Memorable Experience in Ghana

I was a part of the inaugural trip to Ghana for the Global Business Experience at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. The trip was all encompassing. They curated a high quality list of consulting opportunities in Accra that attracted the interests of a diverse group of students – real estate development, mortgage systems and agricultural technology…Of course, there’s no way to do business in a country like Ghana without deeply understanding the historical, political and economic context of the country. Hilltop made sure we got the touchpoints we needed to understand key challenges and opportunities in the country. We heard from business leaders, politicians, chiefs, community leaders, academics and historians. We ate, we drank palm wine, we danced, explored, listened, asked questions.

Hilltop knows how to design an experience that isn’t just relevant to your work and enjoyable, but also transformative in how you view and understand a country so different than the one you’ve operated in.

Maddy S.

Hilltop Global – exceptional service and value

The coordination provided by Hilltop Global to pull together this strategic partnership between the Georgetown University and us, a small Cape Town-based start-up has been incredible. The value created during the execution of the strategic project cannot be overstated. It was truly a pleasure working with everyone involved from HGG.

Dane A.

Great experience

Hilltop Global Group really went out of their way to provide us an opportunity to work with the Georgetown MBA team. The team was amazing and really helped us with a project we had been working on for a little while. We look forward to our next engagement with them.

Yaw P.

HGG worked with our consortium

For several months, the Georgetown MBA students from the Global Business
Experience (GBE) program, expertly facilitated by the Hilltop Group, worked with
our consortium to redesign the $200 million Ghana Cyber City business
model to make the project more marketable to investors.

Yaw O.

Hilltop Global Group provided an exceptional service

The offerings arranged by HGG were impeccable. From beginning to end, it was First Class. I commend Georgetown and HGG for arranging this amazing partnership.

Christine K.

Hilltop Global was amazing

They tailored every experience that we had and as result we got to see a much different side of Ghana than if we were traveling on our own.

Their network is deep and they themselves are incredibly thoughtful.

Ian C.

Good job adapting

HGG did a good job adapting to our schedule given the time constraints or group needs

Barret M.

Very professional and well-done

Many things went off without a hitch, which is when you don’t notice the spectacular planning. Other things did change last minute and Osa was always there to fix it with contingencies and last minute flexibility. He was always so kind and respectful to everyone on all sides too.

Angela T.

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