Hilltop facilitates “African Business Residencies” and helps Business Schools and Universities expand their international programs. We work with and on behalf of Universities to plan and manage their international business consulting engagements in Africa, as part of their core curriculum. We also serve as strategic advisors to the participating companies and support project idea development and the execution of strategic initiatives. In our recent engagements, we have validated that in a very organic way, these residencies in Africa enrich the business school experience for the students. They gain an opportunity to contribute in an information exchange and work on projects that could have a significant local impact and maybe spark new business opportunities & humanitarian interests, inter alia.

The Objectives of the African Business Residency are as follows:

  • Expose students to challenging business problems in Africa
  • Challenge students’ assumptions about the African continent
  • Develop awareness about the business climate in Africa
  • Promote cultural appreciation and exchange
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a unique global setting
  • Foster international collaboration with teams in Africa

Each "African Business Residency" includes the following Key Components:

  • Challenging business projects and exposure to business operations
  • Exposure to African history and culture
  • Social/humanitarian experiences
  • Opportunities to explore leisure/tourist destinations

Ghana March 2019 Highlights