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Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with a diverse geography and an even more diverse ethnic makeup. The country is known for its abundance of natural resources, notably natural gases and petroleum. Nigeria acts as a locus for West African traditions and culture. A trip to Nigeria would immerse you in the country’s history of large pre-colonial empires and more interesting cultural phenomena that make Nigeria what it is today.

Nigeria is economically the leading African country due to this abundance of natural gases, but is also currently storming ahead in the ICT and Financial services sectors. This is an opportunity for students to witness the development and challenges of these sectors in a Non-Western paradigm.

Ghana and Nigeria are two of the most economically and culturally significant countries in West Africa. Travelling to both of these destinations presents opportunities to conceptualise the similarities and differences between the two nations, as well as West Africa as a whole. As the largest economies in West Africa, and trailblazers in New Age business such as ICT, a combined trip to Ghana and Nigeria presents opportunities to enhance the education of student participants in these areas.


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