About Us

Hilltop Global Group (Hilltop) is an education consulting firm and destination management company focused on shaping the African narrative through experiential learning, and supporting development initiatives in different locations in Africa. Headquartered in Washington DC with a presence in Nairobi, Kenya and Accra Ghana, Hilltop facilitates turnkey “African Business Residencies” and helps Business Schools and Universities expand their international program footprint across focal destinations in Africa by leveraging our extensive personal & professional networks. Hilltop’s leadership team are all Alumni of the Executive MBA Program at Georgetown University and utilize their first-hand experiences and strong expertise to curate and deliver standard or customized program services.

Team Hilltop’s services extend well beyond logistics to cross-industry consulting project sourcing & design, including key growth industries, curating unique cultural & humanitarian experiences, service project initiatives and much more.

Hilltop is a member of the Executive MBA Council (EMBAC)